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Currently, there is only one developer working on this, and this is my side project. There a few bots that are helping me with the site, one of which sends out emails to people. This is my side project and I am doing it because I love building things.


The idea of this website is to create a platform where creators of digital product can get honest, frank and useful feedback regarding their website, app or idea. It is often hard to get honest feedback from friends and relatives, as most are afraid to hurt your feelings. Roast My Site offers an opportunity to get and provide anonymous feedback.

How to Use

Looking for feedback

This is cannot get any easier. Simply click on Get Roasted, provide your website details and click post and wait for people to give you feedback. That's it. You will need to register an account. No email verification is required and you can start posting straight away.

To ensure that you get the most relevant feedback, make sure to provide as much useful information about what your service or products do, or what your idea is all about.

Providing Feedback

There are no specific rules for providing feedback. Just whenever you see any new post and think that you can provide useful feedback, by all means do so. The feedback can be in any form or size, rude or polite. What matters is that the feedback is frank and useful.

Generally, when providing feedback, look at the following aspects:

  • Website Design
  • Website Speed
  • Copy - How well does the content on the site describe the idea, goods or services offered?
  • Trustfulness - Do you trust the company or the individual enough to use their service?
  • Idea - How good do you think the idea is? Has it been done before? Should it be done again, but better? Would you pay however much is asked to use it?


This website is free to use.